Michael Kelsey

Michael and Tonya Kelsey have four children, Joshua, Caleb, Anna and Chloe. They moved to Tecumseh in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the Highland church. Michael’s primary area of service as a deacon is involvement. He also assists with adult and high school/junior high education. He loves to lead singing, attend bible class both as a student and teacher and he seldom will miss a church potluck. Tonya is a registered nurse but is blessed to be a full-time mom and wife. Behind the Lord and his family, Michael’s passion is beef cattle. He is employed at the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association as the Executive Vice President where his responsibilities include administration, lobbying and member services.

Eddy Parker

Eddy and his wife Jan, have been members of Highland since 1972. Eddy has served as a Deacon, and since 1993, has been an Elder. He is a Bible teacher and oversees the church’s retirement center.

Pat Swafford

Pat and his wife, Kristy, have been active members at Highland since 2005. Pat has served Highland as a Deacon since 2006 and was appointed to be an elder in 2013. Pat and Kristy are both heavily involved in the bible education program for the congregation. They have three children. Jason, Luke, and Katie.

Johnie Fredman


Jeremy Pearman