Reasons to Love the Book of Acts

I love that Erick has begun preaching through the book of Acts this year! There are countless reasons to love the book of Acts. We can learn from the book of Acts about how to become a Christian, the power of the gospel, the establishment of the church and the importance of evangelism. We see examples of the first century church involved in worship, prayer, giving, fellowship and taking the Lord’s supper. We see Christian individuals telling others about Christ, helping other Christian brothers and sisters, helping Christians in other towns, serving the community and spending time with one another. The list could go on and on. This book paints a picture of “Simple Christianity”. At Highland, we want to strive to be simply Christian! Let’s devour the book of Acts during the next several weeks and months as Erick continues to preach through the book showing us great examples of the church God wants us to be!

Eddy, Pat, Johnie, Jeremy and Michael