Our Gospel meeting is quickly approaching!

This year, our Gospel Meeting with Keith Parker from Hendersonville, TN is scheduled for April 10-14. We have already begun making preparations for the meeting and already feels like time is beginning to run short.
You can help! Here are some things you can do to make this year’s meeting one of the best:
• Pray for a successful meeting
• Pray for Keith Parker
• Pray for the community of Tecumseh (for hearts open to the Gospel)
• Pray for specific people that you know that need the Gospel
• Turn in names of three people you would like to invite to the meeting.
• Pray for God to use you effectively in the preparation for the meeting
• Make plans and arrangements now to attend every service
• Be determined to participate in any way you can

We have great Gospel Meetings because we have so many people involved for weeks before the actual meeting begins. Let’s have a great Gospel Meeting!