Those Serving this month:

  4 – November 11-November 18-November 25-November  
Opening Prayer Stacy Kinsey Kurt Shirey Brad Davison Danny Fredman  
Closing Prayer Keith Patterson Delmer Keith Adam Sack Jamie Bess  
Announcements Pat Swafford Pat Swafford Pat Swafford Pat Swafford  
Bread Jason Fly Jay Madden Robby Kinsey Bret Byrum  
Cup Justin Phillips Keith Patterson Kevin Chesser Tom Austin  
Offering Jim Willis Trace Brown Glen Woodard Jeremy Pearman  
Table Noah Henson Colby Brown Landon Brown Greg Beal  
Table Jim Arnold Nathan Ingmire Caleb Kelsey Louie Hatler  
Table Kyle Stapp Buddy Lawson Rickey Keith Seth Pearman  
Table Lucas Simmons Adam Cole Sack Dan Schinnerer Doug Hinson  
Table Jeff Todd Jake White Phil Wolke Pat Patterson  
Table Steve Flowers Jarod Smith Carson Wolke James Skelly  
Scripture Readers Kyle Stapp Justin Phillips Hayden Burlison Luke Simmons  
Greeter – East Side Gary Perry Gary Perry Gary Perry Gary Perry  
Greeter – East Side Torrey Hatler Torrey Hatler Torrey Hatler Torrey Hatler  
Greeter – East Side Bob McKnight Jay Watkins Larry Smith Gary Stapp  
Greeter – North Side Terry Banta Terry Banta Terry Banta Terry Banta  
Info Booth Charles Wilcox Carl Holt Charles Wilcox Carl Holt  


Adam & Angie Sack Buddy & Tami Lawson LaDessia Newman    & Ione Arnold Kevin & Pam Chesser  
 If you are unable to serve , please contact  Stacy Gingrich – – 405-823-6956

If you are scheduled to serve, please be here by 10:15a.m.                      

Nursery……………. Dottie Hinson Tonya Kelsey Robin Smith Audra Williams  
Sunday Sound ……. Louie Hatler/

Jarod Smith (trng)

Jim Willis


Greg Beal/

Frank Bourlon (trng)

Chris Fly/

Adam Cole Sack (trng)

Sunday Video …….. Chris Fly Gary Stapp Kyle Stapp Jake White  
Sunday PM

Song Leader……….

Keith Patterson Caleb Kelsey Jason Fly Shane Brown  
Wed Sound …….. Jake White


Greg Beal/

Jarod Smith (trng)


Louie Hatler

Frank Bourlon (trng)


Jim Willis/

Adam C. Sack (trng)


Shut-in Communion Jamie Bess & Adam Cole Sack
Open / Close Bldg. Robby Kinsey