Philip Wolke – Youth and Family Minister

Phil’s life began in Kansas where he lived till he was 21. The U.S. Navy took him away from Kansas, sailed him all over the world and dropped him off at Oklahoma Christian. At OC, Phil earned a degree in Youth Ministry and somehow, gained the affection of an incredible lady, Erin Gaddie.

In April of 2001, Erin, thankfully, married Phil the day after they both graduated from OC. (Kid’s don’t try this at home. It is way too hectic.)

Also, the day after graduation, Phil started working at Cherokee Hills Church of Christ. These lovely people helped Phil as he learned what youth ministry was all about.

In 2007 Philip and Erin started working with Soldier Creek Church of Christ in Piedmont, OK where Phil eventually became the deacon over education and youth.

In July 2017, Phil and Erin were blessed to be able to work again in full time ministry here at Highland Church of Christ. They are honored and humbled to work with such wonderful people.

Phil and Erin have two amazing children; Emma and Carson. These two orbs of energy fill their lives with laughter, anxiety and copious amounts of hugs.

When Phil is not spending time youth ministering, he loves to spend time with his family. Phil also enjoys singing and performs with Acappella Federation. He loves Dr. Pepper 10, Legos, Star Wars and family snuggles.

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