Highland has a variety of ministries for Christians to be connected to for service. On the following pages are descriptions of most of the major services God has put before us. We want to share areas of ministry this church offers and some of the things the ministry does. Inform you of key leaders and some individuals involved in that ministry. Then encourage you to consider serving in an area that is best.

Brothers Keepers

Keeping brothers and sisters faithful to Christ and His church is one of the primary functions of the body of Christ. Each of our members are placed in one of our four brothers keeper groups. Statistics show that Christians need a number of friends in the church in order to remain faithful. Since we have a real need for one another, it seems a little odd that this would need to be organized. Time has shown the benefit of activities in smaller groups foster this important need. These networks improve communication, involvement, fellowship and caring for one another.

Joy @ 50

Our “Joy @ 50” group is a vital part of the Highland church, and the group continues to grow numerically. We plan special activities on a monthly basis for our senior members. A special bulletin board provides a host of information about our senior members and their activities.